Monday, November 28, 2011

Party Time {Evie's 1st Birthday}

This weekend we celebrated Tiny Dancer's 1st Birthday with a little party!

We just had family and some close friends and it was perfect!

Evie's "cake" :)

Just a few festive decorations..

A monthly pics banner:

Some fun garland

In all the craziness I didn't manage to get a picture of the full table with cake and food! Oh well. 

Evie's first taste of sugar! 

Not quite sure what to think at first...
That's more like it. Mmmmm!

Happy Birthday baby girl!! We love you!!


  1. So cute!!! Happy birthday, Evie!!! Love your streamers!!!

  2. How cute is she! Our little one turns 1 in January and I can't believe an entire year has flown by. Beautiful party!

  3. oh what fun the party was!! it's amazing how much they change that first year!!

  4. Hi! I've been creeping on your blog for awhile now (I found your page through Katie's blog - I used to work with her). I think I feel a kinship to you because our kids are close to the same age (my son was born Dec. 10th). I figured I'd stop lurking & actually say hi. :) I also love the monthly pics banner you did. I think I'm going to do the same thing. So cute! Did you use a ribbon to hang it? Where did you get the tiny clips?

  5. I love this! So perfectly sweet and genuine. My son turns 1 in January and I'm starting to hit panic mode. Maybe we'll do something intimate with close friends and family- and I'll keep my sanity.


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