Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tiny Dancer {Twelve Months}

Happy Happy Birthday Evie!!!

Our sweet little munchkin is a YEAR OLD! 
This makes me both very happy and very sad that you're growing so fast.

We had a fun little birthday party for you this past Saturday, while your grandparents were in town for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun but definitely wore you out! 

A few things you've been up to lately...

Chatting it up. You love to talk, have lots to say and keep us very entertained. :)

You made up your own sign language for the word "more"! Your Grandmommy has done it a few times with you, but she wasn't sure she had the right motion (she didn't, at first), and then you just started doing your own version! When you want more of something,  you put your right pointer finger into the palm of your left hand repeatedly. My girl, you are SO SMART! And I'm perfectly fine with your own special sign language :)

You continue to melt our hearts with how sweet and loving you are. I could not have imagined such a sweet baby! You got a little baby doll for your birthday, and you immediately held her and rocked her and tried to feed her a bottle. This simply amazes me, since you've never really seen anyone feed another baby.. !

You've also been extra cuddly with us lately. I think you're growing and maybe having some teething pain, though we haven't seen any more teeth yet. But your daddy and I are not complaining when you want to snuggle with us. 

You love to dance around the room with us and on your own.
You still love books more than anything!  
When we ask you what a lion says you do this little growl that is just adorable.
You know where your nose, eyes, lips, fingers, piggies (toes), head, hair and tummy are.
You like to sneak up on Duke and grab or pet him so he jumps. This cracks you up hysterically. :)
You like for us to "get you" and come after you to tickle you. When you want to play this game, you'll turn and give us a certain look with a little gleam in you eye and then start speed crawling away.

And finally... 

You are WALKING!


You've taken a step or two in the past month, but you still liked to hold our hands or use your push toy or cruise around furniture. Well, on Sunday you were playing with your Grandpa and Grandma, and you walked FOUR STEPS to your Grandma!! I could not believe my eyes! Since then you've taken more steps more often and I think your timing is just perfect. You little stinker! :)

Happy Birthday to the most precious daughter. 
We love you so SO much and are thankful beyond words that you came into our world and arms one year ago today. 

We love you Evangeline!


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