Wednesday, April 11, 2012

17 things I could do without.

Disclaimer... I started drafting this post last week, and wouldn't you know it, at Bible study last night, a big topic of discussion was NOT COMPLAINING. Sigh. 

I decided to share anyway, and purge my complaints here and now. Still love me???

PS- we're reading this bookright now in Bible study. I highly recommend it- it's been perfect for me these past few months.

*  *  *  *  *

17 things I could do without. In no particular order:

  1. Curry. 
  2. Smart Cars. There, I said it.
  3. The phrase 110%. I blame Lou Ferrigno. Thankfully he's finally gone.
  4. Males wearing skinny pants. I feel like I've mentioned this before... probably because it bothers me so much. Not a good look. {Plus, I feel like these boys/men have no thought of their future wives and children... cutting off your circulation like that can't be good for future fathering of children.}
  5. The View. Lots of blathering and yelling over each other. And nonsense, really.
  6. Body hair. Still waiting to get up the guts (and dollars) to spring for laser hair removal. 
  7. The term "Going Viral". I find this suuuuuper annoying.
  8. Bloggers who post lots of weird, posed self portraits. Am I right??? Just odd. 
  9. Green olives.
  10. That timeline layout on Facebook.
  11. Applebees.
  12. Horror movies. Don't see the point.
  13. American Idol. The Voice. America's Next Top Model. GAH!
  14. Tyra Banks. See above. 
  15. Shopping for undergarments. And swimsuits. Same thing.
  16. A slower metabolism.
  17. The whole bathroom cleaning situation in general. I would prefer to outsource.

There. Done and done.

Sorry if Applebees is your favorite hangout or you prefer body hair...  Let's still be friends, mkay?


  1. Ha!!!!!!! Laughed out loud, especially at #8. Why do so many bloggers do this?? Yet I keep reading!!! ;)

  2. I don't really consider this complaining:)....Just being honest. #8 for sure. I'm especially getting worn out by all of the strange bare-belly preggo shots on blogs. People must really love themselves....I mean, don't they know their naked belly is going viral?! HA!

  3. HAHA!!! I am cracking up... all this time, I thought I was the only one so OVER curry! I agree with you 110% on pretty much all of these ;)

    PS- I cannot stand when people "Epic"!!! One of my major pet peeves.

  4. Smarte cars make me angry. In a very unhealthy way. And that 'e' they add at the end of 'smart' just to look like even bigger jerks? Really? It just makes me want to find a random homeless guy, give him $20 and a bag of Chipotle and have him MOVE the dang car just to confuse the owner. I mean, you can't even get a bag of dog food in those things....or a pack of diapers.....or ANYTHING from Costco.....or the mail. See? I am angry just typing it.

    I also agree on pretty much everything else. Except curry. I kinda loooove Indian food. But I will let that one slide.


  5. lots of laughing! I'll probably still go to Applebee"s once every other year!!And...guess I'll get on the band wagon of................. "no more complaining" it's like wildfire ( spreads quickly )

  6. Hahaha! Besides curry, I could have totally wrote this post! My husband hates smart cars and just calls them crash dummy cars or idiot cars. Hahaha.

  7. Hahaha!! I just love this post and agree with SO many of them. You are too much! Still laughing at the skinny jeans observation. I hope I haven't scarred Manny and my chances of future grandchildren. Ha!!

  8. um can i just say a ditto to all the above--i am with ya 100% esp the tyra biz


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