Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anatomy of an Easter basket

Why is it so stinking fun to buy things for our kids?? I didn't anticipate this little (sometimes expensive) nugget of motherhood. 

In keeping with our no-presents theme last year, it should be no surprise that I didn't put together an Easter basket for Evie for her first Easter. She was only 4 months old, after all. Besides, we all know who would have had to eat all that chocolate candy. Moi.

But this year I'm really excited about celebrating Easter with her. I think it's a little early to try and actually explain why we celebrate- that Jesus died for our sins and was raised from the dead- but we have been talking about it a little and practicing saying Jesus is Alive! and He is Risen! :)

And as far as the celebration, it should be fun! My mom is coming in town this weekend, which will be fun and we're planning to throw a bunch of plastic eggs on the front lawn and let her at 'em. I'm a little bummed that our church isn't hosting an Easter egg hunt, but there are a few churches close by that welcome the public to their hunts, so we may crash one. We'll see. She's just at such a fun age and loves picking things up and putting them into buckets or baskets. So I'm hoping she really gets it and has fun.

So here's her basket, or at least the dry run, anyway. My mom gave her this cute little chick basket last year. At first I was worried I was getting a little carried away, but frankly, hitting up the Target dollar spot is just another Tuesday, so it's not all that bad, right? 

A few highlights:

The glasses were necessary, even though she might not wear them. I remember getting brightly colored sunglasses for a number of Easters, and they looked great with our all-pastel ensembles. 

Little People.. I just think these toys are so cute and chubby and fun. And I like to name them things like Construction Sally and Betsy Boo and Billy. This little gal looks like a Maggie to me... OH! And my daughter likes to play with them too. 

Shoes. For some reason I have been on a shoe kick lately, for Evie. She's right between a size 3 and 4 right now, which translated to real person talk means SMALL. There are basically only soft-soled, baby shoes in a size 3 or smaller. And sister is all over the place, so I feel like a bad mother putting her in soft-soled shoes anymore. Anyway, trying to find some cute, notcrazyexpensive options is harder than you might think. The white ones might go back because who are we kidding- they probably won't fit until next winter.

Books. No explanation needed.

Bunny ears are purely for our entertainment.

The plastic eggs are empty. No apologies.

So, not so bad, right??? Because, frankly, I really wish I still got an Easter basket. I think I'd look kickin' in some hot pink sunglasses and we've already discussed my love for the Little People.


  1. So cute!! I made an Easter basket for my Godson- will be sharing soon!

    The "Easter Bunny" always forgot to stop by my house! But my mom always did an "egg" hunt with little gifts spread inside and outside our house!

  2. love it--and those kicks and sunglasses--totally necessary--she will love it all!

  3. Love the sunglasses and that's a perfect Easter basket! What a sweet girl!!!


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