Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project 52:15 {My Mini Me}

thankful for...
My Mini Me

Doesn't she look just like me???

I've always expected to have a little girl who looked just like me. Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and tan skin. This was affirmed when I married my husband. Surely my dark, Mexican genes would be strong enough to pass along and give us tan little babies.

But here I am, with my blondie, blue-eyed girl. And believe it or not, she's a Mini Me. Maybe she doesn't look just like me in obvious ways, but she's definitely my daughter. From her teeny tiny little body, which seems to only grow in her big, adorable tummy, to her long hair, complete with bangs and sweet, soft curls, to her one-of-a-kind personality. I see so much of myself as a child in her. She knows what she wants, when she wants it. She likes to do things for herself. She loves to read. She loves her babies and is good little mama to them. 

And if she doesn't like the bow in her hair, she'll rip it out and throw it on the floor.

My Mini Me.

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