Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project 52:14 {creativity}

thankful for...

I feel like I've been in a creative funk for the past few.. I don't know, months? 

It's not typical of me, but I am happy to report that the itch to paint, sand, knit, build, sew and create is running high again. I am a creative person. Not particularly amazing at any particular thing, in my opinion, but I love to attempt and learn, and more times than not, I'm happy with what I've created. 

This chair was a curbside find from months ago that has been patiently sitting in the garage, waiting to be made over (courtesy of my mom, for dumpster diving). She's finally completed. A new coat of paint, stain and a good roughing up, followed by a newly upholstered seat. I can't decide if I want to keep her or send her to the booth to sell, but right now I'm thankful for the reminder she brings to get my hands dirty and get creative. 

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