Monday, July 9, 2012

bedroom progress & blue lighting

Painting has commenced! I got started Friday night, and normally, I would have been done by now, what with four days of painting on the books. But one nap per day + a husband who likes me to hang out with him (awful problem, right??) + covering dark dark walls with light color =  Me on Day 4. 

So after a few quick samples on the wall, I went with Behr's Castle Path. Definitely not white, but I knew that would be a hard sell for hubby. As much as he says "whatever you want, babe", I know he has an opinion. At least 65% of the time, anyway.

So Friday night was the primer party. Lame-o, but I knew it had to be done. 

Okay, so while I was picking out paint at Home Depot, I talked to the paint guy, who was extremely friendly and helpful. I was telling him a little bit about our dark walls and making sure I needed to prime, blah blah blah. Anyway, during our conversation, he asked what kind of light bulbs we had in the master. Wha?? Well, he looked up our previous paint color and mentioned that it had no actual blue in it, which was weird, since it looks nearly navy in our room in the evenings. Long story short, those weird scroll-y "green" light bulbs they're pushing right now- you know the ones that will poison your entire block if you happen to drop and break one? Yeah, those- some of them give off a slightly blue tint! HUH! I couldn't be sure if we had the Daylight bulbs (blue offenders) in our room or not, as light bulbs are squarely hubby's department, but there was a good chance of it. 

Have any of you heard of this before? He said they've had a number of customers complain about it. For just white, with no color cast, just go with the Bright White bulbs. You know, if you're into the poisonous/green thing.

So there's your tip of the day. My little gift to you.  

And here's a sneak peek of our newly painted walls. It looks darker in this pic, but it is nice and light and fresh, and our room looks totally different. I'm loving it so far! And I'll be done tonight! 


  1. Weird! Who knew about the blue lights??? Crazy! I bet it feels so much lighter with the new color on the wall! Can't wait to see the "after!"

  2. So maybe my walls aren't blue after all....maybe it is just the light bulbs. :)

    I love the color so far! Looks warm and cozy. I am also massively impressed that you are able to get that done in ANY amount of time with Evie! Alex would no doubt accidentally step in to the paint tray and end up looking like an old cartoon.


  3. Oh, I love it! It will look so great!

    We have been hoarding white lightbulbs for months now, scared they will be off the shelves any day. The new ones give me migraines, so I'm screwed when they all go eco.

  4. blue lights? boo to that! your room is looking dynamite!


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