Friday, July 6, 2012

I need help. In the bedroom.

Once again, I am trying to tackle decorating my bedroom.

That's how I feel about it. This room has never been "done". And I have finally decided that I just like too many styles in decor. I simply can't commit. Right now, I am feeling the whole neutral/white look, with worn wood, some rustic and metallic elements and oh, I don't know. So yeah, it's a problem that my bedroom is currently painted a dark, dark slate blue that actually looks almost horridly navy at certain times of the day in our room. Doesn't really mesh. I am contemplating painting the room white. Or nearly white.

I mean, am I just straight up crazy??? Feel free to tell me. I only painted it a few months ago, when we got our bed. And frankly I don't know who is going to move that beast of a bed and mattress when I need to paint behind it. Maybe I just leave it and paint as far as my arm can reach? You know- like when you're trying to paint behind a toilet. (Tell me that's what you do, too, right??)

Sigh. Here are a few of the many rooms I am stalking for inspiration:


No source! On my Pinterest

Seriously, no source. What the heck, Pinterest?

So I picked up this fabric this week for curtains. Yeah, not sure I even like it. I'm so indecisive! Or I'll find something I love and it's like a bajillion dollars a yard and I need TEN yards for some simple curtain panels. OR. OR, I'll absolutely love the fabric, score it for a song in the remnant area, get all giddy with excitement, only to get the worst sour face from my husband, just as I'm about to start sewing them up. Yes, that happened. Those curtains are now in our dining room. He didn't even notice till I pointed them out, and still claims to HATE them. Good times.

Do you feel sorry for me? Or at least worn out? Because I am.

Anyway, back to the current fabric. It's nice and neutral, and I had that first image in my mind as inspiration. However, our bed is upholstered linen and we have white bedding. Like, white, white. Which I love and am all good with. But I'm wondering if the fabric is too cream next to our bed. Would you please come over in 15 minutes and look at it sideways and let me know? Sister needs some help.

*  *  * 

Okay, update. I started this post in a fury yesterday afternoon, then got distracted, with, you know, my child. Anyway, last night I tried the fabric in our family room and looooved it in there. So that's where my new curtain panels are. Hanging in the family room. So I'm happy that they work perfectly in there, but this does absolutely nothing to help solve my bedroom issues.

Well, lookie there- actual pictures of my home. Don't mind the plethora of toys or general dishevelry. Such is life. Oh, and I still need to hem them on all sides and get the correct number of curtain rings up there. Minute details.

*  *  *

So where were we? Oh, right. My bedroom. No, I have no pictures to share with you. Blogger Fail. I can never get a good pic in there with the awful lighting and I'm just not proud of the room at all to share. (Though oddly enough, I just shared pics of our messy family room. I dunno.)

Anyway, we have this bed. And this bedding. See? White, white. And some off-white, huge faux fur throw pillows. And here's our dresser. OH! And this is the color of our walls. Which I will likely paint. But what do I need to do here? Find a fabric curtain first, and then paint? I'm afraid if I do, the fabric color/print or whatever will look totally different once the room is lightened up with paint.. Help me Rhonda.

So any suggestions, free advice, links, helpful hints and under $10/yard amazing, gorgeous, neutral fabric ideas you have are much appreciated. I'll send you a Clementine for your troubles.


  1. change is always good!! us out here in blog comment land have faith that inspiration will take you in the right direction!!! can't wait to see it!

  2. I too have dark blue walls and am starting to hate them. I feel like a surf exploded everywhere. But to start to paint? Yeah, hi.

    I love, love, love our bed!!! You would NOT want me to come over to check out your room because I would crawl in your bed and then it would get all awkward when you and your husband came to bed that night and I was still in it. And refused to leave. And probably requested a coffee while cruising your DVR.

    But I am not help. I am awful at making decisions, sorry. I have had some random luck at though. Occasionally they have major deals on big time yardage.

    Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. I wish I was some help, but I do love the fabric you picked out! I have a hard time on this! You are such a natural! :) I am certain what you choose will be amazing!!!

  4. I LOVE the idea of nearly white walls...especially in that inspiration pic. I totally think you could pull it off with the furniture in there! Love your bed too! I've been wanting to go nearly white in my kitchen, but it's scary, we have such a stigma about white walls these days. I think if you do a great creamy shade, you can't go wrong! Just find a curtain fabric with varying shades of whites and creams and neutrals to cover all of your basis. Your a pro, I'm sure it will look great!

  5. i am really loving all the whites and such like these--and am thinking of keeping it really simple in our bedroom too!


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