Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project 52:28 & 29 {change & growth}

thankful for...

My paintbrush has seen lots of action in the past two weeks. Our bedroom is done (pics to come- I pinky swear!) and then I started in on the office. This is the only room in our house that I've not painted in the less than 4 years we've lived here. Half of the rooms have seen more than one color under my watch.

I crave change, evolution and fresh looks in my home. Frankly, my home will never be "done"... I will never stop decorating it and redecorating it. So bring on the paint.

* * * * *

thankful for...

This one. Oh my word, how she has grown in the past few weeks. Her feet seem bigger, her jammies are snug and I swear her hair is an inch longer. And her little mind. It blows me away. This past week, she has started spitting out all of the little phrases we say around here and stringing together words into sentences(!), using different tenses (as in, adding -ing to words, appropriately) and saying I and me, rather than just Evie. Yesterday, out of the blue, she started saying "Oh, myyyyy goodness. Oh, myyyy goodness!"

After my initial delight at hearing her little voice say something new, I just want to cry and stuff my teeny tiny baby back into a swaddle and carry her around all day. Stop growing, my girl.

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  1. You're such a tease with your painting pictures! ;)

  2. I love seeing sneak peeks of your projects! And HOW is she getting so tall?!


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