Saturday, July 28, 2012

Project 52:30 {the storms}

thankful for... 
the storms

This year has been something of a roller coaster for me. I feel like I'm on a ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean... either relaxing to the gentle rocking of the boat under a clear blue sky, coasting on calm waters, or holding on for dear life as a raging storm thrashes me about like a rag doll, praying that last slap of cold water in my face was the last, but knowing I need to try and catch my breath before it comes again.

So here we are, halfway through the calendar, and all I'm hoping for is time to dry out and enjoy the endless blue and soft wind before the smell of rain returns. I know I am supposed to be thankful for these storms, these trials. That they are shaping my character and my story and giving me new tools to navigate life on the ship.

So that's what this is. My SOS.  I am thankful.. I guess. I am trying to learn, trying to grow through this. Praying I won't be too worse for the wear when it's all said and done.

But frankly, I'm ready to get off the damn ship.

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  1. I'm sorry you are going through a tough spell. It's all fine and good to look for the good/reason/blessings that come from rough stuff and sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and yell a big "COME ON!! SERIOUSLY?!"

    Hoping for some clear skies for you for a bit! Until then, go and watch some reality will most certainly feel better about your life then!! :)

  2. Sorry you're going through a rough time. Prayers for you!!!!!

  3. Hi! I am doing Project 52 as well!

  4. So sorry you are experiencing storms right now. It makes me hurt when my peeps hurt, but it also makes me excited for see what God has in store for you when the storms pass. When the perseverance and strength comes, and peace washes over you like an ocean. Like nothing ever felt before. When the storm bonds your family together and builds a new's a gift that is only refined through the fire.

    Be blessed sweet friend, and know that you have prayer warriors through the storm!

  5. Oh yea, and you have cute toes:).


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