Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random on a Wednesday

So as not to have complete radio silence, I thought I would spill out some random thoughts today. It will be quite a treat, I'm sure.

Are you loving the Olympics, or what?? Yes, I think it's kinda jacked up that NBC is airing the good stuff during prime time, rather than live time, but that just means I get to veg out on the couch at night and take it all in. And I, like, seriously get into it. Yelling, cheering, tearing up- the whole bit. My kids are going to be in for it when I'm on the sidelines during sporting events. I'm not exactly quiet.

Also- how old are those baby girl gymnasts? They're all so teeny tiny and look SO young.

The stripping saga continues. Sigh. The stripping is done, but I'm not done painting. I took a hiatus this weekend and now it's just staring at me from down the hall, taunting me. Someone please remind me of this when I get my next bright idea to tackle something that seems easy.

My master bedroom saga also continues. I have purchased two different groups of items/art to hang over the bed and don't like either. I've also moved two different groupings of items (vague, much?) from other rooms in our home to try out... basically no dice. The only things I did like up there, are these 3 round mirrors that I currently have over our couch. I'm just torn on whether to move them or keep them in the family room. There are no less than 18 holes in the wall above my couch, if that tells you anything. So I'm inclined to keep them there, since I like them. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Sooo.. all those earrings I showed you guys that I'm selling in our booth? Yeah, pretty sure most of them were stolen. Like within a day or two of putting them out. Can you believe it? We put little sensors on all our jewelry, but I guess if people want to steal, they'll do it.

Is it seriously August? I would say that July flew by, but since it was the hottest July in the history of the WORLD, I am glad to see it go. I hope it rains ALL AUGUST LONG. I am so over this stupid 110 degree weather.

My car is also over the heat. It boycotted by overheating yesterday. I can't complain too much, as we've never had any mechanical issues with my car in the 4 years we've had it. And hopefully it's just a coolant leak. But still. I hate car problems. And yes, that was me, hoisting my baby girl and all our gear a few blocks back to my MIL's house when the car started growling at me and letting off black smoke. Lovely.

So here I am, stuck in the house all day today. Granted, there are some days when we don't go anywhere, but I typically get cabin fever and come up with some excuse to run an errand. If it were in the 90's, I might take us on a walk to Target. But it's not, so I won't. I'm not a total glutton for punishment.

Blogger is telling me I have met my photo storage limit...??? Do I seriously have to pay to upload photos to my blogs now? Anyone know about this? Please help. 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. OMG, who would steal!?! Seriously!?!? I mean, who goes out for a daily little stroll, shopping around at a cute little market and STEALS!?!? I don't get it.

    Sorry about your car problems!! They are the worst! We were in a car accident a couple months ago & are JUST NOW getting our car back. So, the husband and I were sharing mine while his was getting fixed. Awful. I hate not having the option to go anywhere if get stir crazy. Hopefully it will be a quick (and cheap) fix!!

    I am having fun watching the Olympics too! Although don't get me started on the Opening Ceremonies. Just.....don't. :)

  2. ree dic ulus...ya have to pay the blog to allow your photos!!! what is wrong with that picture? sorry about car issues...they are NEVER any fun!

  3. That is crazy about the pics, who knew!? Sorry about your car, I'm with happy wife..quick and cheap! The earring thing still has me irritated. It's not like there are teenagers shopping there. These are grown women!

    So I was telling Dallas about Rhett's visit with Evie today and his rubbing her face and hair, and Rhett jumped in and said, "Yea, and I checked out her legs." What!? Watch-out momma!

    Let me know if you need to get out of the house tomorrow and we can come get you guys and do something hit up target or another air conditioned establishment:). I'll try my best to keep my kid's hands off of your kid:).


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