Friday, August 10, 2012

dreaming of fall days.

The beginning of August.. not exactly the beginning of fall by any stretch of the imagination. Especially in my neck of the woods. We have a solid month (or two) before the fall weather really sets in. But with all the flurry of back to school marketing, it's like a tiny signal that summer might be on it's last leg. Oh happy day.

We've had a few little glimpses of cooler more moderate weather these past few days. Nothing much- just a 20 minute stretch here and there where I realized it wasn't too unbearably hot to let Evie stretch her legs outside. She's been in hog heaven.

All she wants to do is run and play outside. Get her fingers dirty and then promptly yell "oh NOoo!" and come running to me to wipe them off. Blow bubbles for days. Terrorize the dog and throw his ball a foot and a half down the patio. Point out buggies and spot airplanes. Feel the wind in her hair.

I wouldn't say I'm an outdoorsy type of girl in the sporty, dirt under my nails, camp-out sort of way. But I've always loved being outside, enjoying what God's created. Sitting in the shade, listening to the leaves rustling, reading a good book. Or if I'm really lucky, running down a scenic road or squishing my toes into salty sand.

When I was a kid, we lived in a bungalow house with a huge front porch and porch swing. I loved to sit or lay on it and sway back and forth during a big storm. It was so cozy. The smell of rain, the claps of thunder and beautiful lightening. We don't have any gorgeous mountain or ocean views around here, but I've always thought that gave me a leg up on appreciating what we do have out the front door. And that's something I hope to pass along to Evie.. a love of fresh air and sunshine, of cloudy days and amazing storms, green grass and wildflowers.

And so. In anticipation of the crisp, coziness that is autumn, here's a little list of what I'm currently looking forward to in the coming months. In no particular order.

Boots and cardigans.
Beautiful changing leaves.
Driving with the windows down.
The pumpkin patch.
Finally meeting our sweet new friends, Hattie and Emmy (!)
Planning Evie Girl's 2nd birthday celebration.
Visits to the zoo.
Family walks in the evening.
Bangs! My forehead misses & desperately need them.
A Chicago getaway with friends.
Piles of leaves to jump in.
Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Another round of strolling moms.

What are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. You summed up a lot of what I loOk forward to!the season changes are definitely a treat, I get bored so knowing a "change" is in the air ... Is so welcome .

  2. ah--my favs of the season as well--these picts are gorg.--as are you too!

  3. Love the pics and I am so, so ready for fall! And thanks for the Emmy shout out! :) So sweet! She can't wait to meet you either!!!


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