Friday, August 3, 2012

Project 52:31 {morning}

thankful for...

Each day I get to wake up to this face. To hear her voice babbling about anything and everything she can think of, with her "hold you mama" cries thrown in for good measure until I come and turn on the light. She's much better than any alarm clock I've ever owned.

We spend our mornings in our jammies.. she chugs milk and checks to make sure all her toys are still around and I chug coffee and check in with the outside world via my laptop.

And she is always happy. Joyful. Full of life, in the mornings. It's a new day, a fresh start. It's hard not to get excited over berries in your yogurt when she's clapping and carrying on like it's the best thing ever.

I am so thankful for our mornings together.

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  1. Mornings are God's gift for enduring the day before. After tantrums, fits and all the other wonders that come with stay at home parenting, the morning smiles that come with it are just what we need to forge on through another day. Really, there is a reason babies start to smile at the exact same time as parents are so devoid of sleep they are actually dangerous behind the wheel.

    Evie is such a doll!! Really, her hair sends me over the edge. Just enough with the cuteness!!

  2. best thing ever a new day and sweet face to greet you! love this pict


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