Tuesday, August 21, 2012

this & that

Just a few randoms today... We had a great weekend. On Saturday, we celebrated baby Emmy and it was such an adorable shower! Afterward, a few friends and I went to this big consignment sale and proceeded to shop ourselves cross-eyed. I get pre-sale tickets to these things from work, otherwise I wouldn't bother. Yes, there are some good deals to be found, but it's ca-razeeee in there. I was thinking, though, how much fun the day was. It's really not often that I get to spend time with my girlfriends (without kiddos) for any length of time, doing things we enjoy. Sad, really. And, I think, just the time of life right now, with young families. But I do miss it, and want to make a point to do it more often.

  I can hardly handle the boot adorable-ness.

This girl continues to rock my socks off with her cuteness and spunk. She had a cold all last week, on top of cutting her 4 incisors. Not fun. But she's been a trooper and I've been trying to soak in all the extra cuddles and middle of the night rocking sessions. I've also been attempting to catch some of her antics on video lately, and will hopefully share those soon. The way she sings her ABC's cracks me up.

I started reading Sense and Sensibility last night. It's been, like, 20 years since I've read it. I thought I needed a little prose in my life. :) Definitely not a book you can read with the tv on in the background. I'm going to have to use my whole brain to catch all the nuance!

Yesterday morning I was laying in bed, waking up and starting to read my Bible, when I heard what I was certain was a gunshot. In my room. Seriously. I popped up and looked around but didn't see anything funny. No smoke or holes in the wall (!). I checked the drawer where we keep our gun, and it hadn't gone off. It was SO bizarre. I honestly have no other ideas what it could have been.

I'm watching Parks & Recreation episodes while I type today.. it makes me super excited for the new season coming up. It's so funny. Any shows you're looking forward to watching this year?


  1. Evie is gorgeous. Seriously, so so gorgeous!

  2. she is such a doll--oh my! and her hair is getting so long! love

  3. I clicked over from Megan's blog and just wanted to say hello to a fellow Aja! I'm named after the Steely Dan album. Pronounced "Asia." Love "our" name!

  4. Hi Aja!! How funny- I've only come across a handful of other Aja's :) My parents were definitely Steely Dan fans as well! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Oh my word...that second pic with the profile, so so cute! She is serious cuteness! I loved Saturday too...even if it did involve me sitting down in the middle of a dirty aisle with my arms full of clothes that mostly went back on the rack:). Thanks for sharing it with me and helping me hunt through the scads of clothes.

  6. Aw! So glad you were able to celebrate with us last Saturday! Also, post your JBF finds! Dying to see what you got!

    And could Evie be any cuter? Love her!!!


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