Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tiny Dancer {21 Months}

Twenty-one months! Oh my goodness, sweet girl. You take my breath away. 
You have grown and changed so much this summer. More and more, you are becoming a little person.. with your own little personality, quirks, mannerisms, and more. We love seeing more of who you are each day.

It's hard to describe what I feel when I look at you, Evie Girl. You are so full of life and joy. You are very expressive and loving and sweet. You make each and every day so much fun.

So. Here are a few of things you've been up to lately.


You are on.the.go.
Running everywhere. Yelling "yets GO!" and "ready pesegedi" when it's time to head out the door.
And we're not sure how or when it happened, but you have become President of the Seat Belt Patrol. "Mama seat belt?? Dada seat belt? Mama seat belt ON!" Goodness. You like things just so. :)

You now love to color (which I love) and want to do it daily. You hold your crayons correctly(!), in your right hand, and constantly ask us to draw things for you. Like Mickey, mama, dada, baby, pacifier, pony, rainbow, a house, circles and on and on and on. We're working on getting you to draw these things yourself. :)

You are SO very expressive. You have all sorts of 'faces' you make throughout the day.. some of my favorites are your disgruntled ones. Hilarious. You've also started to be a bit pickier about what you like to eat this month, which we're hoping is just a phase, but does produce some pretty memorable faces. You cross your arms over your face, fling your head back and to the side, scrunch up you nose.. the whole bit. Not dramatic or anything.

You are our little Jeopardy contestant. Always asking questions. I knew this would happen at some point, I just didn't think it would be so soon! You're so inquisitive! Hands down, your most commonly asked questions (as in, 50+ times per day) are:

Is it? Isisisisitisitisitisitisit????


Sounds like?

Any time you hear a sound, even if you know what it is, you say "sounds like?" wanting to know what the sound is. And the whole isitisitisit business.. we have no idea why you stream it together over and over like that, but you don't let up and get progressively louder until we answer you!

You still say a few phrases from my point of view, ie, exactly like you hear them. Some of my favorites:

Hold you!
Mama read to you?
Help me? 
(you say this when you want to help me with whatever I'm doing, not when you want help with something)

You continue your love affair with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and ask to watch it every single day. Sometimes you will randomly rattle off all of the characters and then shout "So much fun!" It's pretty cute.

The other day you set your Mickey doll in a little chair and pulled it up right in front of where you were sitting. After you had him just so, you reached out your arms toward him and said "Come ere, saweetie. Come ere saweetie." I seriously melted. You did this over and over, then changed his diaper. :)

Every time we drive by the park in our neighborhood, you say "Swing a Mama? Swing a Mama?" You are referring to this yellow tire swing. In the past I've laid on it, with you laying on top of me to swing, and clearly, you loved it.

You are beyond amazing, Evangeline. I can't believe how fast time is flying by and can't imagine life without you. Please stay little bitty forever!

We love you to the moon and back!


  1. What a gorgeous little doll!! These photos are too cute! And she just seems like a smart & creative little lady!

    Oh, let me know how the eating goes. When Alex was that age, he stopped eating almost everything. Except goldfish and bananas. Like, I wouldn't have been shock at all if one day, I changed him and he pooped an actual goldfish. So, yeah.


  2. She's just precious, Aja!! Allison is doing a Minnie Mouse carnival for Finley's birthday. I'll have her share her printables if you are doing the same for Evie. Hope to see you soon!!

  3. What a delightful girl!! Enjoy every min

  4. she is such a beauty--what a sweet post!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that yellow tire swing! Great for photos! Of course, she is so beautiful it probably wouldn't matter where you took pics! :)


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