Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project 52:33 {music}

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I grew up in a very musical home. Well, two musical homes, actually. 

There was always music playing in our house- whether we were home or not. Lately, I've been missing that background noise here at our house. And I want to create that same type of memory for Evie. I want her to grow up associating certain songs or types of music with different times in her life. I want to expose her to all types of music, so she can appreciate different styles and figure out what she likes.

Plus- music playing constantly offers more opportunities for impromptu dance parties. 

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  1. excellent idea! she''ll be singing like her mama before you know it!!!!

  2. i love this too--nothing better

  3. There is nothing like music to elicit hidden emotions and
    feelings just below surface. I'm glad your
    giving Evie the opportunity to experience that...
    plus, its good for both sides of her beautiful little brain...


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