Tuesday, August 10, 2010

23 Week Bumpdate

Skipping the questionnaire this week.. seemed a little monotonous.

But this week's photo is a real gem:

You're welcome for (a) not wearing my bikini and (b) not dropping my towel.

Poolside Mama.

Thank goodness I bought a one-piece years ago when I was a nanny.. I was trying to be thoughtful and appropriate around the dad, who in the end was never even there when we swam, so the four or five times I've squished into it this summer is the most wear it's seen.

And is it just me or do I not even look like I'm preggo here? More like just chowed down on a cheeseburger. I pinky swear I look bigger in real life.

And Oh Happy Day- a solitary coworker asked me in an extremely roundabout/beat-around-the-bush kinda way if I was pregnant. YES! I SHOUTED.

I've decided to call our girl Tiny Dancer. Isn't that cute? She's always bopping around in there like she spends all her free time at a NKOTB concert. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.. her mama liked to get down back in her single days. How do you think I roped the Hubs in? Dance moves, baby.


  1. I think all of your readers are a little jealous. Um, seriously, you look so cute!

  2. i love that little bump! you look fab~ love the nickname--so perfect-and you are hilarious. I was down with a little nkotb


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