Thursday, August 12, 2010


Newsflash, people!

I am totally FAMOUS!!

Being the 10 year devoted Bachelor/Bachelorette fan that I am, I, OF COURSE, love Lincee's hilarious blog I Hate Green Beans (see my sidebar) and her awesome episode recaps.

In case you didn't know, I also happen to sit in front of a computer all the livelong day, which may or may not lead to excessive blog and celeb gossip site reading. (Not on company time, of course.)

To my point!

Today, I sleuthed out the latest in ground-breaking Bachelor news: A double wedding for these crazy past contestants:

And being the loyal reader that I am, I promptly sent the link on to Lincee.


And then she posted about it and included ME in her whistle-blower shout out!!!

Read her post in it's full glory here:

DDAHnna finally landed her man. And a fake twin!


I feel I've done my civic duty today. I'll be signing autographs all night.


  1. Maybe since you are so famous you can land us an in person visit with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner since they are in Oklahoma and all.

  2. Oh dear - I Love Bach/Bachette, too! It's awful, huh. I dutifully passed the link about the weirdo twins around to a few friends, but YOU the cat's meow, sending it off to IHGB! (I used to read that and had forgotten about it...thanks for the reminder!) Enjoy your fame. You earned it. :)


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