Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspiration/To-do List

As I peruse all the fun and fabulous blogs out there, my mind is constantly working and thinking through upcoming projects I want to tackle. Sometimes I just get so excited and want to run out and start all of them right now, and to h*ll with things like work and housecleaning and regular bathing!


But first, I'll need a million dollars to fund my little projects.

So here are some ideas I'm currently loving and would like to do/make/try/whatever:

Painted/Stencil Accent Wall

via Centsational Girl

Okay, LOVING this idea. I have seen people do this with a stencil and paint all over blogland lately and want to hitch up my wagon to this Oregon Trail. Yes, it seems a bit time consuming, but when are my projects ever quick and easy?? And if it doesn't turn out, you just paint right over it! No tearing down wallpaper. The trick is finding the perfect spot in my home to do it. I would actually love to try it out in our master bedroom, since it's a den of un-decoratedness, but that would involve convincing the mister, which is a little more work..
Check out more inspiration for this idea here, here and of course here.

Fun Striped Knit Baby Blanket

via Sharstin Miller Photography

This one is in the bag, my friends. I spied some fun yarn at JoAnne Fabrics a while back (that surprisingly wasn't too plastic/acrylic-y feeling.. yes, I'm a yarn snob) and scooped them up with a gift card my mom had sent. Thanks mom! I'm more than halfway done and am already envisioning all the photo shoots I'll be setting up for Tiny Dancer.

DIY Drum Pendant Light

via The Keylor Family

I am loving drum shades right now. Especially pendants. Not that that love translates into actually having any in my home. YET. These babies are pricey and I knew there had to be a way to make one yourself for a fraction of the cost. Her tools? Burlap and embroidery hoops. Doesn't get any cheaper than that! This is on my nursery to-do list.

DIY Ottoman

via Velvet & Linen, House Beautiful and Three Men and a Lady

This has looong been on my radar. With so many great ideas and ways of pulling this off, I've just been waiting for the right piece to makeover to tackle this. I've seen people build their own from scratch, repurpose an old square or round coffee table (like my friend Katie just did!), add padding to a bench, etc. This will also take more convincing of the hubs.. that we'll actually need something soft like this for when the baby is toddling around. You really can't beat blaming new projects or design purchases on the kid.

Baby Photo Montage

How fun is this?? They bought a bunch of different pieces of fun fabrics, pillowcases, sheets, whatever and take pics of their little one each week! Then they'll make a photobook for the grandparents after her first year! Possibly a lot of work, but who are we kidding, I'll be snapping lots of pics of Tiny Dancer anyway.
Mom? Dad? Grandparents?? Act surprised if you get one of these in a year and a half. Also, act nonchalant if you don't. Thanks.

I better get to work!!
What have you been inspired by lately? Is there anything on your project to-do list?


  1. Girl, I think we are twins! I want to do every project on here...nevermind the fact that I'm not pregnant for the baby ones. LOL!

    I love that pendant lamp and am seriously contemplating that one! : )

  2. You are definitely nesting! I am dying to see the blanket you make!

  3. LOVE all of your inspirations! That pendant light rocks my flip flops off. And that baby blanket! Swoony swoon.

  4. I'm a knitter so I love that baby blanket! I get overwhelmed often with all of the great project ideas out there. I really need to organize my idea folder and get going on some of them!

    ~ The Speckled Dog (craft-business book giveaway on my blog until 9/2)

  5. oh girly i am right with you! i have so many things in my head right now--i think it might explode--i guess working on 2 girl room is not helping:) love all the inspirations photos~ that light is amazing--and thanks for featuring one of my picts:) i do love that blanket!


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