Tuesday, August 24, 2010

25 Week Bumpdate

Hello lovelies. A random and unorganized bumpdate for you this week..

1. Baby is the size of a RUTABAGA.What the wha??? 10 points to anyone who can tell me what the heck a rutabaga is and why there's one in my tummy.

2. I am feeling large and in charge today. Not sure what's going on, other than growing and some more growing. This weekend I was getting ready for bed one night and took a look at my belly button to see that it has been stretched out. Sweet. I waddled through the house as fast as I could to find hubs and violently pointed at the offending body part while making a crumply face. He peered in, picked an imaginary piece of lint out and said "got it". Grrrrrrr..

3. I am registered! I think that means I can be a mother now.

4. The nursery is coming right along. The dresser has been refinished and just needs new hardware.

Picture of the Day

25 Weeks

Yes, I need a pedicure. It's on my list.


  1. I can not only tell you what a rutabaga is...I can give you a recipe for it too. (Think a turnipy potato with lots of butter). I am not such a fan, but my mom and aunts can't.get.enough during any holiday.

    Your belly is so precious!

  2. I love that view of your belly...cute! Little Duke doesn't know what he's in for :-)

  3. you are so cute~ love the belly shot!


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