Wednesday, January 18, 2012

.:: 30 ::.

In honor of the big 3-0, I thought I would share 30 random things with you today. 

In no particular order.

1. I was born with a head full of thick, black hair. My first real hair cut was at 8 months, complete with bangs. My uncle commented that I looked like a page boy. That's the only time short hair has ever looked good on me.

2. I really think that hand sanitizer might be a myth.

3. I seriously, deeply, madly want laser hair removal for about 85% of my body. Shaving blows. So much time wasted.

4. In 3rd grade, I stood up at a school-wide assembly and recited the ABC's backwards. And won my little side bet with my classmate, Frank. This is still my best party trick.

5. I am sort of hoping for twin boys.

6. I am the only one who knows how to properly load our dishwasher. I have to rearrange it any time hubby puts something in there. I don't think he minds. Also? My dad is the exact same way.

7. One of my legs is slightly longer than the other.

8. My grandma and grandpa met on a blind date. Legend has it she was engaged (or at least pretty serious) to someone else at the time, and dropped him like a hot potato. :) They've been married for over 55 years.

9. All of my child's toys are named with alliteration. For example, Hans Hippo, Estaban the Elephant, Cleo the Cat.. and on it goes. It's an unspoken agreement between hubby and I. What does that say about us?? I may do an entire post on this at some point. Hold on to your hats.

10. Sometimes I like to online shop and fill up my cart, then just turn off the computer. Much easier than taking another lap around the store, putting everything back.

11. Chips and salsa are my favorite food.

12. Last week I walked into the laundry room to find Evie elbows deep into the dog food while our dog looked on helplessly in the dark. After 3 good finger sweeps, I got it all out and nearly puked myself. Can't wait to tell her first boyfriend about this little episode.

13. At one point I lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor, and the stairs were outside. On the morning of a huge ice storm, I heard my neighbor, a loud, young, large guy in flight school, leave his apartment at about 4am for class. A minute after he shut the front door, I heard him gasp and slip on the icy stairs and bump and roll and grunt his way down the first flight. I felt horrible but could NOT stop laughing. Funniest thing I've ever heard.

14. I really want to travel to Europe with my hubby. I'm thinking Italy and the Mediterranean. He's thinking Germany and beer.

15. Sometimes when I meet or am talking to other people my age or a few years older, I feel a lot younger than them. Weird, huh?

16. When I was about 8, I told my mom I wanted to quit taking ballet classes. Even as an eight year old, I knew I wasn't long and lanky like the older girls, and I knew that meant something. The story I told my mom was that I just didn't think I wanted to do this for the REST OF MY LIFE. She promptly signed me up for theater classes. Mama knows drama.

17. In related news, when I was 3, I lamented to my dad that he never brought me flowers. A few eye rolls later and I got the goods. Sometimes a girl just needs some dang flowers.

18. My hubby and I have the same middle name. Spelled differently.

19. Growing up, I was always singing. School choir, church praise and worship, etc. My first solo was in Children's Church when I was 7 or 8. Pretty sure I sang an Amy Grant song. :) In high school I sang the national anthem at one of our city's hockey games. I had to stand on a washcloth on the ice so I wouldn't slip.

20. I think the above washcloth/ice story is one of the reasons I found last week's Parks and Rec so hilarious.

21. My dream job has always been to be a photographer for National Geographic.

22. I hit a deer once, heading to Louisiana over Thanksgiving. Stupid thing didn't die. I no longer have any sympathetic feelings for Bambi. Or his mother.

23. At our wedding, we had real, live paparazzi. Ok, ok, it wasn't exactly US Weekly, but this rouge photographer totally crashed the wedding and stood right next to our paid photog, snapping away until I had the hotel officials get rid of him.THEN, he found my hubby on MySpace (yes, we're old) and tried to sell him the pictures he took.

24. Never in my wildest imaginings did I think I would have a blonde, blue-eyed baby. I ♥ her.

25.  I've only snow skied once, when I was 14. It was a ton of fun and I could hardly move for days afterward. I really want to go again.

26. I am not really a fearful person, but being buried alive or floating out in the ocean overnight sound like the worst things EVER.

27. Sometimes when I hold the door open for a stranger, and they just blow right through, without bothering to say Thank You, I'll say You're Welcome! to them anyway. :) I'm not above shaming manner-less strangers.

28. I often eat just as much if not more than my husband at mealtime. Also, he always likes to leave a bite or two on his plate (no matter what) and I have a Clean Your Plate mentality. Riddle me that.

29. I can't do a cartwheel. Or dive. How I made it this far in life is beyond me.

30. I was born on my due date.



  1. Happy Birthday, friend! I admit that I knew most of this, but did not know you couldn't do a cartwheel. It's all making sense to me now:)!

    Evie has your baby cheeks. Have a wonderful day! 30 is fun!

  2. Happy birthday!!! So many things I didn't know! The big question is-- do you still use hand sanitizer???

  3. Oh my gosh - too funny, I can't dive either! I've never really told anyone b/c I feel this is something EVERYONE can do! haha

    OH and I also eat more that my significant other. Weird!

  4. I agree with Sarah - Evie has your cute baby cheeks. Andy can't dive either - I can't wait to tell him that you and Daisi can't either. He will be so happy to know he's not the only one. Happy 30th!!

  5. This post made me laugh! I hope you have a great birthday!

  6. I laughed & laughed...thanx for that...p.s. ditto on holding the door..and they don't even thank you...where have all the manners gone. Sigh

  7. happy belated chick!! i will be joining you in the 30 club in a matter of weeks:) so wow--E totally looks like you as a babe! i loved this post--yes shaving blows, i too want to vaca to europe, twin boys? wow! i love it~

  8. your awesome.

    the pictures melt my heart.

    that's all :)

  9. You and Evie look exactly alike as babies! Minus the hair color :) Happy belated birthday! And I do the same "YOU'RE WELCOME!!" thing to rude strangers, haha :)


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