Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Song that Binds Us

Ok, question:

Do you and your Loverboy** have a "song"???

This is serious, people! 

Edited to add: YES, I am just shy of 30 (akkk) and possibly having a mid-something moment with this post subject matter.

On the way to work the other day, Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton came on the radio, which immediately made me think of C, my oldest middle/high school friend and one of her teenage boyfriends. See, Wonderful Tonight was their "song". This fact stood out to me loud and clear and has remained in my consciousness for a number of reasons. 

Yes, there's a list: 

1. She told me it was, with all certainty and absoluteness that made it clear that they had consulted on the matter. They both knew this was their song- not just her, romanticizing and telling her girlfriends. I fully imagined them getting dreamy eyes and possibly making out on the couch in her parents basement any time the tune came on the radio or by CD shuffle.

2. It was a very grown-up song for people our age at the time, but not at all out of character.. our parents are all hippies/music junkies/band members/etc. We weren't exactly sitting around listening to NKOTB. Also, my name is AJA.

And finally, the biggest reason of all.

3. I have NEVER had a "song" with any boyfriend/husband/loverboy. EVER.

So needless to say, every time ol Clapton starts crooning about how wonderful whatshername is looking tonight, I have a quick walk down memory lane and a mild panic attack that we need to get on the ball somehow.

So am I right?? Are we missing out? Will our children one day ask us to tell them about our love story and share our special song, only to be answered with blank stares and shared side-eyes from their wrinkly parents?? 

I will say- I've brought this matter up to the hubs a few times, and I just don't think he's as concerned as I am. Shocker. It may have something to do with the fact that every time Roxette's It Must Have Been Love comes on, I declare it to be our song. Not that anything is Over Now.. Oh no no no no. I just like the song.

So dish it up. What's your "song". And if you have any suggestions for what our everlasting symbol of our relationship "song" should be, please let me know if the comments. Clearly, we can use all the help we can get. 

**Sorry about the "Loverboy" reference. I'm in a mood.


  1. Laughing out loud... I'll keep watching post to see what eveyone says...cuz we haven't got a song either.. ( p.s. that steely Dan album your name came from was nice tho )

  2. I've never had a song with any of my lovers ;). This made it hard when I married my latest boy toy because we had a hard time picking out the first dance song for our wedding. We thought about Today was a Good Day by Ice Cube but it's not really a tune you can slow dance to and some of the words may have made our grannies a little squeamish!

  3. Ha!!!!! No song here, but that's no surprise. ;) we also had no clue what to pick as out first dance. The ONLY song Tommy wanted played at our wedding was jump around...not really first dance appropriate and definitely was way before my time.

  4. Ha! This ,ade me laugh. We are a no on the song business either...ahno biggie:)

  5. Yes to all the above! I have had songs with every boyfriend and Dallas. What can I say, music is emotional for me:). I won't share them because they are embarrassing, but I do remember all 3!

    You could always go with Witchy Woman by the Eagles like Elaine Benes. Or Desperado like her guy:).

  6. Speaking of "Wonderful Tonight", my husband once admitted to me while we were dating that he & his ex-girlfriend had a song & it was "Wonderful Tonight". I found this interesting since we were pretty serious & had no such song. I suggested we find a song to be ours & he said he thought couple songs were stupid & unneccessary. Apparently, they're only necessary for EX-girlfriends... Ha. I then told him our song would be "She Hates Me" by Puddle of Mudd. I was joking (mostly) but whenever I hear that song, I can't help but think of us. It wasn't a good option for our wedding first dance, so we went with "Unforgettable". Ultimately, I'm not big on couple songs - I don't think we're missing out. :)


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