Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Craftastic

This weekend I broke out my crafty hat and got to work on a few Valentine's Day crafts. I know it's a little early, but these are headed to our booth to sell, so I wanted to be sure and make a few things before it was too late.

First up is this cute-as-a-button (see what I did there????) little heart picture. Self-explanatory, I should think. Pull out some red buttons from your stash and hot glue them to something. In my case, a little square plaque I previously painted over. Cute, huh?

I've been wanting to make one of these wreaths for a while. Now is the perfect time to buy fleece, fyi.. it's all on sale at fabric stores. So I snatched up a red remnant in honor of LOVE.

This wreath was super easy to make and pretty quick. I've actually tried it before, with a linen fabric, but it took a lot longer. I think this works because the fleece is so thick, so it's much fuller and you don't burn your fingers with every stinking dab of glue. 


Be sure to check out Jones Design Company for the full tutorial if you want to make one. I love her blog.  And now I think I want one of these for myself! I just may have to make another one...

Have you started any V Day crafts yet? I'm getting the urge to string up hearts everywhere. :)

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  1. Way cute! We need to have a crafting party! I want one of those button photos!

  2. Love it!! And I'm with Katie - let's have a crafting party! (can I invite myself?!) :) How many yards of fleece did you use for your wreath? I want to attempt that!

  3. I love these and they look amazing! Yay for valentine's day!!


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