Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't Hold Your Breath

Well, it's the last day of January, which naturally brings to mind BATHING SUIT SEASON.
Am I right?
Bathing Beauty: Exhibit A

I'm signed up for all of those deal sites, so my email inbox is constantly flooded with can't-possibly-pass-them-up offers like 2 for 1 racks of ribs, half price lipo and 10% off the fruit of the month club.

Bathing Beauty: Exhibit B

But every once in a while an actual deal pops up that I can really use, and yesterday was the day. A local swim school had half price tuition for baby swim classes, and the enrollment fee was waived. Sign us up! This is great for us for a few reasons:

1. Evie and I get out of the house twice a week for more than just a daily trip to Target and jaunt around the block.
2. Physical activity. Not just for the wee one. Let's just say I'm sorely lacking in that department.
3. My MIL has a pool, so come summer it's our second home. Some real skills for our girl will be great for everyone's peace of mind.
4. And finally, the proof is in the pudding. I fully expect Evie to do one of these numbers after our 6 class stint. The video is totally worth watching. Mucho impressed, Manny. (And Sarah!)

Bathing Beauty / Hot Daddy: Exhibit D12

So we're excited! Searched Target high and low yesterday for the little swim diaper she needed (not the disposable ones, grrr). And sister still fits in her swimsuits from last summer, teeny little thing that she is, so that's nice. 

Buuuutt... then there's mama. It didn't really dawn on me that I would also have to break out a suit for these classes until last night. Awesome.

Bathing Beauty: Exhibit C

And this takes me right on back to my dilemma of last spring: is a two piece Mom Appropriate? Gah. All modesty and missing six-pack business aside, I'm thinking for the swim class, a bikini might not make sense. There's just too much movement and activity involved when chasing a now very mobile little babe around. Don't want any wardrobe malfunctions. **shudder**

SO. Back to High Ho Target O I go.

Wish me luck.

Attack of Mama Bear: Exhibit 36


  1. The only reason I wouldn't wear a bikini to swim school is because the other mothers will hate you :). You are so tiny!

  2. hi aja! my name is anna! Me and my friend sent you a email on your account: strangeandlovelyride@gmail.com can please answer us? hahah perfect pictures;-) I'm waiting for you, tyy!! xoxoxo


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