Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 52:2 {Unseasonably Warm Days}

thankful for...
unseasonably warm days

This winter has been so different from last year, when we felt cooped up and were literally snowed in at times. We are enjoying the nice weather with daily trips to the park and long walks. 

Daddy is especially enjoying the outdoor time with his girl.
I love watching you two explore and discover everything in sight.

I am still amazed at my baby's confidence- hurriedly walking from one grassy patch to the next, toddling along, never bothering to glance back to see if we're staying close by. I'm praying she knows she doesn't have to check.. that she'll always know that Daddy will be two steps away, never letting her out of his sight.

* * * * *

Of course, there would be snow on the ground this morning, after I scheduled this post! Sheesh :)

* * * * *

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  1. Such a great picture and I love her leg warmers! My Project 52 post was about our "sleepless nights" at


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