Tuesday, September 21, 2010

29 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 29 Weeks
Weight Gain: 10 lbs
How Big is Baby? 2 1/2 - 3 lbs
Maternity Clothes? Noooooope. For whatever reason, I am harboring a very strong aversion to buying any maternity clothes. The problem with this little notion is that I am quickly becoming a Large Marge and it frustrates the crap out of me when something doesn't fit. I just don't want to spend money on clothes that I won't be able to wear for very long. But I do want some new clothes. I desire to look cute. Not that anyone could know that, as I rarely dry my hair these days and typically finish putting on my make-up on the way to work..
Stretch Marks? No praise the Lord.
Sleep: Up and down.
Best Moment of the Week: Making headway on the crib skirt. It may or may not be the death of me. Oh! And we picked up the car seat with some gift cards we got at the shower!
Movement: Um yes, could we just talk about this for a moment? My darling daughter thought it necessary to throw another all night house party last night, in the form of tap dancing on my right rib cage all through our childbirth class and on through the night. We had another long discussion on bed times and why mommy needs her sleep and why she can't get her beauty rest when a certain someone is practicing Morse code on her internal organs.
I'm not sure she gets it.
I guess I didn't name her Tiny Dancer for nothing, because sister decided to keep the rave going through my morning meeting.
It's slightly embarrassing when she gives me a swift kick that's so violent and surprising that I yelp out loud and physically jolt a few feet, like I've been goosed. I heard some guy mumbling about tourretts..
Food Cravings: Crispy (read: fried) chicken sandwiches. From anywhere.
Gender: Asweetpreciousbabygirl
What I Miss: Right now? Weightless boobs. Just keeping it real.
What I'm looking forward to: Just meeting my girl.
Symptoms: Growing larger by the day.
Emotions: I'm going to go with UNSTABLE.
I had more than one meltdown in the past week.. along with some irrational irritability peppered in with some pure rage. My only real solution was a good cry. And I have to admit, I felt better afterward. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband, who after getting over his initial shock and alarm that I was losing it and wondering what on earth he could have done to upset me this time, said, "Well, isn't this what's supposed to happen? It's ok babe."
And then he held me.
The worst part of these breakdowns is that I am fully aware that I am having irrational thoughts. And so I pray and take deep breaths and say "let it go, Aja" and think about rainbows and puppy dogs and sixty degree weather and my stretchy pants. But then ten seconds later something else sets me off.

Hormones, much?


  1. First-you look precious!!! So great!

    Second-my hormones were so crazy insane that while making my kid's bedding I was listening to my ipod. No biggie, right? I would agree if Guns and Roses "Sweet Child of MIne" hadn't come on and....


    Which makes sense, because, you know I was making something for the sweet child of Mine. Yeah.....no.

    I kinda (read: totally break down, but not to the point of an Ugly Cry) still cry now when I hear it. But mainly because I can totally nail the air guitar solo.

    You are doing great, girl!!

  2. um! you look awesome--and only 10lbs! that is great! I am right along with you on the hormone business..whew!


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