Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finding Moolah

Have you ever found money?

Like, completely out of the blue- a $10 bill stuffed into the bib of your old high school overalls (I know you had some!) or a few crumpled dollars in the parking lot?

I think this is the best kind of discovery.

Last week while on a walk in our neighborhood I looked down and saw a dollar bill.
Total score! I snatched that baby up before my hawk-eyed hubby could get get his grubs on it. Hehe. Then I told him we could put it in our travel fund.
See how I share?

Then last night I tricked him into walking to Target, since he wanted to pick something up and Tiny Dancer and I needed a long walk after stuffing ourselves at dinner. He's agreed to this once or twice before and each time on the way back he realizes it was a much longer distance than he signed up for.
Anyway, there was some new video game out that he wanted and after Duke and I waited patiently for him for a solid 45 minutes in the parking lot, he came out to explain. Apparently they had some promotion going where they gave you a $20 Target gift card when you bought the game. Nice. But then the cashier couldn't figure out how to ring it up, so they called the manager, who sent him to customer service, who couldn't figure it out, so they called the manager again, who promptly handed my enraged and impatient husband a twenty dollar bill.

Can you believe that? CASH.
And do you think he shared??

So have you ever found any money?

I found a dirty 5 dollar bill at the park once.. two dollar bills on a walk at another park (had to split it with my walking partner)..

I know I've found more, but I can't think of any specifics at the moment.
I blame pregnancy brain.

My mom finds money all the time. I swear one time she found an envelope full of twenties.
And she wasn't even in a shady neighborhood.

So fess up. What money finds have you had??


  1. Here is a little story you may like.

    I know this girl. She and her husband were only married a couple months. They lived in a nice (ish) apartment with their not so little black lab who they hid from the apartment people to avoid a pet deposit. (In all fairness, the dog was a Tea Cup Lab, so it was on the up and up.) She was still in school and he had just started a new job (read: they were broke). They were on the way to the grocery store to buy a few cans of groul for dinner....until.....they arrive at Albertson's and get out of the car.

    That's right.

    There was the most beautiful $20 bill in the parking lot. It was so glorious, almost angelic. I heard the bill actually had a glow around it. There may have been singing too.

    Did they buy steak? No. Upgrade from groul to frozen pizza? Not a chance. Splurge on nothing but Lindt Chocolates? Uh-uh.

    They got in the car and went and bought the best box of wine this side of heaven and spent the other $10 at Taco Bell. Best.Night.Ever.

    Sidenote: until that couple moved, they still referred to that parking spot as their "lucky spot".

    I wish I could know someone with such good fortune. Le sigh.

    I hope your husband learns to love Target. After all it has done for you... ;)

  2. it's fun to find moola...when you spot the "so called piece of paper" you instantly know something about the print is different, so you take a closer look...& sure enough your trained eye has not deceived you!!!I used to leave all the pennies on the ground where unsuspecting people dropped them, then one day I realized if I'd taken the time to pick the lil one centers up I'd have a whole dollar by now! happy hunting everyone.

  3. i love it~! nothing like finding some unexpected cash money. I once found a 20 dollar bill in the mall--i was pretty excited:)

  4. My cousin and I were both driving down a street in a pretty "shady" area (had to drive through there to get to her house) and all of a sudden she slammed on the breaks bc there was money blowing in front of the car. We both jumped out and it was a total of $120 in twenties. We split it-$60 each! I'm sure it came from a not too great source but what were we to do? leave it there? nope!

    The best feeling is finding money in clothes that I've had stored away from another season. Even if it's only a dollar or two.

  5. my boyfriend and i were out getting pizza... and as we were walking from our car jose looked down and saw a $20 dollar bill. we were so excited! and then about ten steps later we found another $20 bill. this time jsoe shared haha... and he said, "look, one for me and one for you!"

    it was the most money i'd ever found or have found since then. i think we decided against the pizza and went out for steak instead :)

    -- your cousin, courtney :)


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