Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mucho Progress..

With a foreman like this guy, how could we go wrong?
He translated instructions for us.

See how helpful Duke is?

Isn't it cute??? Go Daddy, go!


I'm dying to get started on the bed skirt, but I think hubby might kill me if I start another project while our house is in total disarray..


  1. Are you making your bedding? I made mine and finished about a day before we had Alex. My husband called it "sweet", but what can I say? I don't care if it is a baby, or a boy, I have an affinity for silk. He can have Tonka trucks later on. I grew him in my organs, I pick the bedding. Green toile and blue silk and all. Fair trade I think.

    Can't wait to see it all come together! You have such gorgeous taste!!


  2. Jane- Thanks!! Yes, I'm definitely making all the bedding myself.. I have much more control that way. :)
    You should post pictures of your little guy's room!

  3. Love the crib! Super cute! Alex's room is adorable. Janie even had a mural of her dogs painted on the wall. Jane -- do post!!!

  4. Look at your hubby hard at work. I may have to hire him when the time comes because I really don't see Andy being able to do that.

  5. OOH So cute! I can not wait to see it all finished, I am sure it will be stunning. Loved her sweet tiny shoes on the dresser too... already stylish little girl!


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