Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend of Laboring

No, not that kind of labor!

This weekend, my to-do list is very very full. Ugh.

Next weekend is our first baby shower (yay!), and since I know I'll be coming home with some goodies, I have a goal set to get the nursery completely cleaned out and organized so that we have somewhere to put all the new stuff.

Cause, see... this is what Tiny Dancer's room still looks like...

I know, I know. Sad, isn't it?

Also on my list? To get the guest room in order as well.

Feast your eyes on this:


Yes, my mom did, in fact, stay in this room last weekend, and yes, the room did look very similar to this about 20 minutes before she showed up. I'm not proud of it, just stating facts.

Here's why the room is so cluttered:

A few nights ago, we semi-cleared out the closets in both rooms to install a third shelf. (Said shelf is not actually in this picture. Helpful illustration, isn't it?)

Aren't we handy?? The shelves won't be bolted down, so that we can remove them if we need to, like to hang regular people clothes. But since baby girl is so teeny, and the guest room closet doubles as my craft room, these shelves will really help keep things organized.
Got it? Good.

Also, we got the call this afternoon that her crib just came in (yippee!), so we'll pick it up tomorrow and hubby will go to work setting it up. I'm really excited, but as you can see, there is currently no room in the nursery for a crib! Soooo, that means I have lots to do to clear out and organize all that junk that we just can't live without.

Writing this post was my temporary solution to put off the inevitable... guess I better get to work!

Have a great Labor Day!!


  1. ooooooh! I cannot wait to see it!!! You should totally use this as a forum to post along the way. Can't wait to see it!

  2. PS - I will be happy to help you with your announcements for Tiny Dancer. Start sending me ideas of things you like :)


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