Monday, September 6, 2010

Progress Report.. basically a FAIL

Well, here we are at the end of the long weekend.. hope everyone had lots of fun!

I thought I should check in and let you know how my Weekend of Laboring went.

While I did get a TON done, I'm going to go ahead and give myself a big fat C-, because our guest room looks basically the same as it did on Saturday morning. Oh, lots of stuff got moved around and thrown out and given away.. but somehow new, homeless stuff grew while we were sleeping and the room is total chaos once again. I'll spare you a new photo. Just imagine 2 chandeliers where my old bridesmaid dresses were, and some random workout equipment where a stack of fabrics once sat. SIGH.. Luckily we have no guests needing a room in the near future.

This will teach me to go making promises on the interwebs.

On the bright side, I did get a lot done in the nursery!

As you saw, we got the crib put together and set up, and I did get started on the silk crib skirt. That baby is a whole other post in itself.. let's just say it's taken some serious math skills and has gotten far more involved and tedious than I initially thought. Silk is no joke to work with and this hormonal mama has a limited supply of patience at the moment. But it will be worth it, right??

So here are the only "After" photos I took, since most of the place is still in limbo.

Tiny Dancer's closet

I guess I didn't post a Before of this closet, but I cleaned it out quite a bit and sewed a curtain to hang over the shelf we installed, which is currently hiding (most of) our luggage. Sadly, she doesn't get a whole closet to herself, since I have more college picture albums and high school yearbooks than I know what to do with.

Guest Room Craft Closet

Ta-Da!! While the actual room is in shambles, the guest room closet has been organized! I would love to get more baskets or cute containers, but at the moment all of my extra funds are going to Baby Girl projects and QT donuts, so the random laundry basket and shopping bag will have to do. I'm also planning to sew another curtain to hang over the bottom shelf, like in the other closet.

Whew, I guess that's it! If you want to see more fan-TAS-tic Labor Day organizing, check out my friend Katie's post- she and her sister got to work and have some fun before and after pics, too!


  1. We basically just rocked this weekend. Love the silk closet skirt. Very fancy!

  2. Oh the closet skirt isn't silk.. hehe.. I am definitely not that fancy! :)


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