Friday, September 17, 2010

Zara for Kids

Oh my word.

Thanks to Sharstin, I recently found out that Zara has come out with a new kids line and people, could this get any cuter??

I want the girl and her clothes.

How adorable is she in her little leggings and coat? A mini fashionista. :)

I imagine this little doll is what my future (waay future) niece will look like!!
(I'm talking to you, Darius & Aivy!)

I don't even dress this well, but surely your kid can double as a doll to dress up!


  1. oh my gosh, what a gum drop she is!!! and her style is all that and a bag of adorable. P.S. Darius & Aivy,,,that lil darlin could be a peek of the future kid-lets!! see what I'm sayin!!

  2. don't you just love it all! i am dying to dress Z in some of these pieces!

  3. what am i - chopped liver??? let's not forget how amazingly fashionable MY kids will be :)

  4. Morgan- oh yes, they'll be fashionable! I just don't know what they'll look like yet.... :)

  5. Morgan, come on...they be as cute as any flavor gum drops!


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