Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Love: Prudent Baby

I'm sure you all are getting sick of hearing all the baby talk lately.. to that I say DEAL. I'm preggo and have babies and baby projects on the brain.

I also still have my constant DIY/home decor thought stream coursing through my brain, but it's taken just a slight back burner spot here on the ol blog.


I found this blog today and O.M.G., can we just say the heavens opened up and rained down sewing machines and cutsie baby projects and now my list is so long I can wrap it around my belly 3.84 times.

Feast your eyes:

Love the chevron. Love the colors. Love it all.

One Shoulder Dressy Dress

How cute is this?? Adorable for next summer.

DIY Diaper Cover

Totally love these diaper covers. Nothing is cuter than a chubby little baby with nothing on but a onesie or tshirt and diaper, so we can see those squeezable legs.

Recycled Rug Ottoman

Not sure I need to recycle an old rug to try this one out, but I love this idea! Clearly I have ottomans on the brain. I'd love to have some this shape or more like big, soft floor pillows to throw around and lay on in the nursery.

Sooo cute. I'm not a girly girl, but surely every little lady needs an adorable tutu to play dress-up in or for a quick trip to Target.

Most awesome of all? All of the projects are listed out in awesome categories, like By Craft, Under an Hour, In One Evening, etc.


And if you don't have a little one to make something for, make something for Tiny Dancer!!



  1. The one shoulder dress is adorable!

  2. how fun! i also adore the one shoulder number!


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