Monday, September 13, 2010


This weekend we had my first shower and it was a whirlwind of fun!

My mom and my stepmom threw one for me in my hometown for all our family and friends back home. We had a packed house and lots of yummy sweets to snack on.

Here we are before all the guests started arriving:

My stepmom, me and my mom

Since I haven't lived here in so long, all of our guests were family and family friends of my parents, with the exception of my Angelyn! We went to middle and part of high school together. It's always great to see her- we pick up right where we left off. I was soo excited she could come, and she brought her mom and adorable little girl Elliot.

Hi Ang! So good to see you!!

Mmmm. We had about four different kinds of cupcakes and two cheesecakes.
Sweet overload! Tiny Dancer loved it. :)

Here are the shower invitations:

I actually designed and made them myself (shh!), with a little help from my friend Katie.
I thought they turned out pretty cute!

One thing I loved about the shower was that the the invite asked everyone to bring baby girl their favorite book for her library instead of a card. Everyone got a little book label to sign and place in the book. So sweet!!

Here are just a few of the books she received:

I can't wait to start reading her bedtime stories! I love love love that lots of people signed the books to Tiny Dancer, since we haven't revealed her name. I guess more people read my blog than I thought!

(BTW- I LOVE comments! It let's me know you stopped by and that I'm not just spewing my thoughts into thin air..)

Thanks to all of my parents and family and friends for "showering" us this weekend!!
We feel so blessed!

To say I've put on all my pregnancy weight in the "B" Zones (boobs & belly) is the understatement of the year...
I fully expect to get a bad case of "pregnancy face" any time.


  1. You look so great! It looks like it was so much fun! And, I must say, Alex LOVES the "Belly Button Book" (I spotted it right off....cause we read it about 47 times a day!) I am sure Tiny Dancer will love her "bebo" too!

  2. The invites turned out cute! Love the band around them. Can't wait to see what all you got!!!

  3. what a fun shower! and you look so cute~

  4. it was fun & well attended and you definitely got showered!!! we so appreciate all who were able to come & celebrate.

  5. Super cute invitations! I'm glad you had fun with your family and friends :-)

  6. You look fabulous!! LOVE those guys did a great job! :)


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