Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Morning(ish) Thoughts

* BETHENNY is back! Cue my excitement and hubby's cringes and groans.

* My sister got some super exciting news yesterday and I could not be more excited for her! She is a make-up artist for MAC and will be moving away to chase bigger and better things a few states away..  we're going to miss her but I'm feeling very proud of her at the moment!
sister sister

* My menu plan this week went pretty well. Though I only did half of it. :)
Here's how it went down in the kitchen this week: 
  • Monday :: Chicken Pesto Calzones. Very good. Thumbs up and super easy.
  • Tuesday :: Ham & Cheese Sliders. YUM. We did both notice a slight tummy ache later in the evening, but that could have just as easily been the questionable chocolate covered strawberries. And nothing screams love and romance like ham and cheese.
  • Wednesday :: Meatball Subs. No, not on my original menu plan, but a special request from the hubs. And I aim to please. Plus, all ingredients were on-hand, so I didn't mind the curve ball. I use Big Mama's recipe and it's a staple in my cooking repertoire. HA.
  • Thursday :: Mexican joint up the road, aka, Mama's Night Off. 
  • Friday :: TBD. My parents are coming into town (yay!), so we may end up going out to eat.

* My daughter has a thing for buckles. Always has. "Buckle" was one of her first-ish words and she still repeats it over and over every time we get her in or out of her carseat, stroller or high chair. The girl's relentless. So imagine my delight and DUH moment when I came across this DIY buckle toy. This will be happening shortly. I feel like I won't be a good mom until I make it for her.

I like zippers, too.

* V Day Flowers from the hubs. A sweet, lone pink one for the girl and lots of big red ones for moi.

* We just got home from signing our life away on a new (to us) Tahoe for hubby!! Super excited.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. yay! thanks sis ;) when was that picture taken of us??

  2. ooohh love MAC--lucky sis! and pretty much dying over E pony~ i am sure you are lovin your new ride!


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