Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Randoms.

Hi! I have a couple of different blog posts rambling around in my big, fat head, but can't seem to get anything organized and on paper typed up.


I hate that feeling. So, for your Wednesday enjoyment, I'm just going with a ramble of some of the stuff on my mind. Mmkay?

Leap Day. Leap Frog. Froggie. Frog legs. 
How about a little free word association to kick things off? This is a weird day, dontcha think?

I'm currently eating popcorn with Cavenders seasoning on top. And a little chocolate bunny. (I like salty & sweet together). Do you guys put seasoning on your popcorn? Hubby introduced me to this treat and I must say, it's pretty delish.

I'm also currently watching this week's Bachelor. Hoping and praying he let that Crazy Courtney go. But I'm assuming he's not that smart.
Also? How crazy beautiful is Switzerland?? I might need to go there.

We have (finally!) been going to church on a regular basis again, and taking Evie. For a long time we would go alone and it wasn't as consistent as it should be. For lots of reasons. None of them good enough, though, you know? Anyway, I really want Evie to get used to going and enjoy it. So far it's going, oh.. okay. I think she plays and has fun while she's in there, but it's always so sad to leave her and when we pick her up, she's always either crying or starts to as soon as she sees us. :( Makes my heart hurt. But I know this is necessary and soon enough she'll love it. Hoping that's soon.

I'm trying to start up yoga. Basically, that means I've done about 2 or 3 Sun Salutations each day for the past 5 days. AND, I bought a $4 yoga dvd at TJ Maxx the other day, but I've yet to bust it out. (I am notorious for making impulse buys at the Maxx.) Fingers crossed that I can do the splits and a solid headstand by St. Patty's Day.

What is up with this weather? It's like, 70 degrees today! And those stinky, pretty trees (what are they called again?? The ones that smell like youknowwhat?) are blooming. It's crazy. I have a feeling we're going to get some sort of big freeze or winter storm at some point and everything will die.

I really want to have a party. Fun and yummy hors d'oeuvres, tasty drinks, music, games and good company. My main hangup is this dang housekeeper I have. She's about to get fired, frankly. 

Speaking of parties, we missed two friends' get-togethers this weekend. Both were on Saturday night, and my mom was in town, so it just wasn't in the cards. Which is fine, I'm just kicking myself now that we didn't plan a little more ahead and hit up both somehow! Hopefully they had a blast without us. :)

Have you seen that Cheetos commercial with the construction workers? Cracks me up.

 I almost bought a pair of flats that were 2 sizes too small yesterday at Target. They didn't have my size, so I shoved my toes in there and walked around, trying to convince myself that my fat right foot wasn't feeling smooshed. Thankfully I came to my senses, but they were so cute! Still can't decide if I made the right decision or not.

My baby girl is 15 months old! GAH! I may or may not do a little Tiny Dancer update this week. We'll see if I can score some good pics of the little booger. She is cracking me up these days.

I have no idea what's for dinner tonight. There is no meat thawing on my counter, so that's a problem. Crap. 

I started reading Water for Elephants last night. So far, so good. I haven't seen the movie, though, have you? It looked pretty good.

Last night I came home from Bible Study and immediately started going through my dresser to pull things out for the Goodwill pile. Twenty items later and I was feeling good. Why, oh, why do I hang on to old clothes? 

Anyone been anywhere fun in the Caribbean? We're trying to plan a vacation for our anniversary and just want to go to the beach and chill. We love Mexico, but are still trying to decide if we feel safe going there right now, with all the crazy scary stuff going on. Hawaii is out this time- too far and expensive. 

Done and done. Happy Leap Day! See you in four years :)

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  1. #1. Bad Hair Ben totally deserves Crazy Courtney... I'm completely over him (thought his hair was bad last season, decided his judgment was bad this season) so for the last four or so episodes I celebrate when he sends a good girl home!! I'm just positive they can do so much better!

    #2. You're right - Switzerland looks a-mazing!

    #3. I've been wanting to have a party since we moved into our new house (6 months ago) but I am about to fire my dang interior decorator... she's afraid to hang anything on the walls!

    #4. I love TJMaxx and the random purchases that occur because of it.

    I enjoyed the random posts... Occasionally, you just got to let it all out! Happens to me often! Oh and PS, those stinky trees are called Bradford Pears.

    Be Blessed, Raegan


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