Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project 52:6 {Little Surprises}

thankful for...
little surprises
Sylvester was hanging out with the baking tools and colanders yesterday.. typical cat-like behavior.

Nearly every day I find a little surprise left behind by my girl. A baby doll in my laundry basket... a froggy finger puppet in a bathroom drawer... a plastic carrot in my purse... a miniature cat in the pantry. And I love it. She has a penchant for finding little nooks and crannies to leave sweet little reminders for us that she was here. And each and every one brings a smile to my face.

My all time favorite was a few months ago. I let her play with most of our plastic and tupperware kitchen items and this particular day she had been playing with a spatula. I had on tall boots and hubby and I were going out to dinner while she stayed home with grandma. All through dinner my right boot was bothering me and I couldn't figure out why. Well when I got home and took them off, lo and behold, a skinny green spatula was tucked right into my boot! Stinker. :)

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  1. My Project 52 post is about "little surprises" too! Crazy! The spatula story is the cutest thing ever. Thanks for linking up this week!

  2. I love this post! I can so relate to what you said and just get warm fuzzies when I think about my own daughter doing those things...or insists that I wear her princess crown and her daddy must wear her bracelets. Beautiful little moments.

  3. I love that! I love waking up to find a cat toy in bed :)

  4. i neeed to get on this project 52 biz--i kinda love finding random trinkets throughout the house!


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