Monday, February 13, 2012

Kiddos.. the magic number

I have babies and kids and family on the brain today.

How many kids do you want?
Two seems to be the common answer, but for me, that was never enough. I have a brother and a sister, so I've always thought three or four. And honestly, four sounds like a "rounder" number to me, as far as little pairs and buddies and someone for everyone to play with. 

Older brother & younger sister = Middle Child Syndrome. 

Now, this isn't a done deal or anything at Casa Lovely. Hubby and I have had many discussions about how many kids we want to have. He has always said two, and frankly, after the dark colic days with Evie, I think he might have been happy to have just one, if I would have agreed. 

But, oh, the joy of this little girl.
I would challenge anyone to spend time with her for a day or two and not want another one (or two) just like her.

I want lots just like her. :)
I'm only silently hoping at least one of them resembles me in some way.

Lots of kids can be hard, though. I can only imagine. And expensive and possibly a little trickier to manage, as far as car seats, travel, bedrooms, college, weddings to pay for, etc.
And of course I think those are valid things to consider when deciding on your family size. 
Not to mention the very real, hard experiences so many have today, with fertility issues. I don't mean to gloss over that at all, but Praise Jesus, we haven't had troubles there. 

I just find it so interesting that these days, people think any more than two kids is a "big" family. When people ask how many you want, everyone seems to be surprised if you say any more than two. 

Here is my point. I've come across a few great, funny/inspiring/eye-opening blog posts recently, from some of my favorite bloggers. And I wanted to share. These ladies have really encouraged and inspired me in my desire to have a house full of babies and all of the joy and love that might follow. I want big family get-togethers at holidays, siblings as best friends, and our own little clan..

I love the way Firecracker calls her 3 older brothers "her boys".

This post at Jones Design Company really struck a chord with me. 
Emily shares (very honestly) how hard it can sometimes be with 4 little ones.. and hits the nail on the head with how moms should be encouraging each other. She handled herself much better than I might have!

And I love the way Emily of The Anderson Crew keeps things real and humorous with expanding brood of adorable kiddos. 
She has SIX. :) This post cracked me up.

So what say you? 
Do you want the American average of 2.5 kids or a gaggle full of little ones?


  1. Aja! The pic of you and your brother looks like you now but a minerature body! I think big families are fun! I'm still trying to get AB on board for more than zero :)

  2. I love these posts! I was considering doing a post on big families at some point too...mostly because of the reaction I get when I tell people we want more. Small families are the reason americans will be the minority before long. I love big families! However, lots of kids are not for the faint of heart:). I understand having a small family too. Some days I feel done with two:).

  3. I, too, read the Jones Design Company blog and thought it was such a true and honest glimpse into life with 4 kiddos... but her point was so perfect! Her hands are full, but so is her heart and she wouldn't have it any other way! Someday, Brandon and I would love to have 3 or 4 babies!! The more the merrier!

  4. Well I guess since we all ready have 3 we are on the bigger side:) might be done... Happily... But 4 is a good ending number too. The joy in life is children and watching them grow and being surrounded by it all, the best!

  5. I always wanted two but after having Alex, I've contemplated three. He's just so much fun! I guess it will depend on how frazzled I feel after having two - ha!

  6. love this post! I've always said I wanted 2 of each - I'm like you with a brother and a sister and I wouldn't want any of my kids to miss out on having either of those! I'm going to check out the blogs you linked now :)

  7. first things first....i can't get enough of your blog and writing. I LOVE IT.


    While I only have two, I ACTUALLY have four. Because my son is like 3 kids in one. =) So, I really DO have a lot of kids.

    It's insanity.


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