Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's talk food. Again.

Have you seen my friend Katie's weekly meal plans? If not, you should. She's not a food blogger and she'll be the first to tell you she's not a gourmet chef. And I think it's only been in the last year or so that she's been trying to eat out less and spend more time in the kitchen. But each Monday, she shares her weekly meal plan. And it's not all hugely fancy or time consuming.. she likes things simple and delicious. And each week when the post pops up in my reader, I feel SO GUILTY. 


Guys. I need to be cooking more. Like way more.

I'm pretty sure my friend Sarah is doing meal plans, too. In fact, I know a lot of people plan their weekly dinners out this way, and it makes so much sense, as far as staying organized, saving some money at the grocery store and avoiding that dreaded "what do we have to eat??" question when you're two steps past starving.

In my defense, I do try to think about what we have on hand and mentally plan for a few dinners during the week. But seriously? We eat out or pick something up way more than we should. And I hardly ever make a full out grocery list of all ingredients, etc for multiple meals before heading to the grocery store, like I know I should.

Pinterest has definitely helped me find and remember recipes that I like or want to try. I just need to do it more. Because let's be honest here. I am home now. And while hubby knew cooking wasn't at the top of my hobbies list when he married me, he is always very happy and appreciative when I do cook- no matter what it is. And I really want to cook for him. And Evie. I want our kids growing up with favorite meals that mom makes, or loving Taco Tuesday, or for us to have some special dish that I make every MLK Day or some such. :) You get the idea. 

So I'm putting it out there. I WILL be cooking more.

And not to leave you empty-handed, here are two recipes that I tried last week and both got our stamp of approval in the YUM and EASY categories. Both were found on Pinterest (of course), and photos are from the original sources.

French Dip Crescents

via Mama Loves Food

Crockpot (Zesty) Italian Chicken

via The Girl Who Ate Everything

Okay, share time. What are you cooking for dinner this week? Any great blogs or sites that post yummy, EASY recipes I need to check out? OR have you found a great system for planning and organizing your meal plan? I need all the help I can get! Thanks friends!


  1. Can't wait to see what you're cooking! I have to say, menu planning makes my life so much easier!! Without it I would never have anything to make a meal!

  2. I'm with Katie - having a plan for dinner makes cooking much less stressful! I find lots of delicious recipes at Some are more complicated than others, but I've been able to knock them without too many disasters... And trust me, I can turn making a PBJ into a nightmare! Definitely give her a try!!

    Also, I started keeping my running grocery list in the Notes tab on my phone, that way I can just add to it as I see things I'm running low on and while I would lose a paper list or forget to take it to the store, I typically always have my phone on me!


    1. Thanks Raegan- I'll have to check out Iowa Girl Eats! And I actually have kept a list in notes on my phone before.. may need to make it an actual habit! :)

  3. Hi Aja! I've never commented before but follow you. Not sure how I came across your blog but thoroughly enjoy reading it :) and not to mention your little evie is adorable! I have a little ethan who is 15 months. Anyhow, I love pinterest as well (follow your pins too). Here's one that is a weekly fav at our house.

    I'm all about easy and love my this recipe is awesome because it serves my family of 3 for 2 nights. First night I make tacos and the next night I make quesadillas with it. easy, easy. :)

    1. Thanks Charlton! I'll definitely be checking out CookingClassy! So glad you found this little ol blog and enjoy it!


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