Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday thoughts. And such.

Well, it's not exactly still morning, now is it?


Photos are unrelated. Sue me. L-R: We Eat Rocks, 3 Amigos, Cookin in the Kitchen

Week two of Baby Learns to Swim is complete! I won't lie- the first class was rough. But my girl has rallied and is showing the other tots a thing or two about row, row, rowing your boat and how to execute the perfect swan dive. All in a day's work. Seriously, though, it turns out a friend of ours and her little girl are in our class! So fun to learn to dive for pennies with friends.

After a very mild winter thus far, we are expecting a cold front tomorrow. Boo. I could do without snow and freezing temperatures all together.

I finally finished this book this past week. I've had it since December, but got side-tracked about half way through. Seriously, a Must Read. He loves us so much.

For some reason, Evie has been waking up a few times a night all week. I have no idea what is going on.. teeth, maybe?? I feel so bad for her, because she wakes up and immediately goes from 1 to 10, yelling for someone to come and get her. But sheesh, I wish I knew what was wrong. And I really wish it would go away. 

Well, I entered the land of tweetsville and the jury is still out. I decided that I really needed an outlet for all of the thoughts and one-liners that pop in to my head throughout the day. Also? I need friends, so leave me your handle so we can be bff and share all our important and needless updates.

I am contemplating doing an entire post bragging about how smart my child is. Would that be wrong?? Because, dudes. She is And no, I am not bias AT ALL.

We have been contemplating both a new vehicle and a new home recently. Cue the anxiety. For those of you who know a little bit about it and have been praying for us- thank you, thank you. We just really want wisdom in our decision making and for God's will for our family. I think we have it about figured out and we're excited!

Any V Day plans? We are sort of anti-Valentine's Day, in the sense that the only time we ever went out to dinner to celebrate was right after we started dating. So he really had no choice. Now we stay home and avoid the crowds. Does that make us old, or what!? I've been lobbying for hubby to dress up as cupid (complete with loin cloth and wings) for years now, to no avail. I just really feel like that would be icing on my box of chocolates cake.

And last but certainly not least, I just got an email that Evie's Nursery will be featured on Apartment Therapy today!! GAH! So the rest of my day will be spent stalking the site until it shows up.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Yay Twitter! I'm ablansford0620, lets be friends! :) Also, I'm obsessed with Evie's nursery! It's amazing!!

  2. Found your blog through Apartment Therapy and thought Hey, another Tulsa gal! We are actually moving soon so... wanna buy our house? ;) my handle is @elizabethjoanne

  3. Oh, let me know and I'll email you the listing link! It's actually in BA.

  4. The loin cloth ..Cupid..hubby thing sounds interesting.keep your fingers crossed. ;-)

  5. Sounds like some exciting things are on your horizon! AB and I are pretty anti-Vday ourselves. I usually just cook him dinner which I do regularly so I might add a candle to make it special for Vday.

  6. congrats of apartment therapy! so fab! i am all about staying in for v-day--the crowds are ridonkulous...make it not fun at all! i will have to check out that book:)

  7. I'm shesthebross on twitter - What's your name? Hope to see you and evie-girl at girls night!


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